Icon packs are important in enhancing your ecommerce site. They help you to clearly communicate with your customers and enhance your on-site experience. However, you need to carefully consider how they fit into the overall style of your website. Here are 4 tips to leverage the power of iconography in your next build.

  • Be strategic. Plan your website’s approach in using icon packs. Before you start to design or incorporate them to your site, determine what specific information you want to convey and strategically map out how these icons will be used within your ecommerce site.
  • Stick to a single icon style. When integrating icons to your ecommerce site, maintain consistency and cohesiveness by sticking to one icon style. Consider uniformity to avoid unnecessary confusion among users.
  • Pair them with contextual copy. Try pairing your icons alongside relevant copy if they are not globally recognized in order to provide the greatest amount of context to your users. Through this, you can create an elegant solution to rise above any potential culture and language barriers.
  • Use icons to simplify your product pages. Icon packs are a great way to declutter product pages. They help present the necessary information for a user to make a purchasing decision. They also distill long copies to digestible format and clean up the design of your product pages.

Although they have a small stature, do not just throw away the use of icon packs. They play an important role in the success of your ecommerce site.

If you are looking for an icon pack, check out Icon Tail. It has over 2050 vector icons in its collection – all ready for Android, IOS, applications and websites. All icons are based on a grid view and are available in different sizes. The come with a friendly license that allows you to use the icon packs for multiple projects – commercial or personal use.