corbis-motion-logoAre you looking for Corbis videos? It’s understandable. Given the stock media agency’s reputation as one of the leading sources of high quality images and footages, creative professionals will surely come back for more. Unfortunately, Corbis had shut down its website a few months ago. That may be one of the reasons why you are looking for places to download its stunning content. If you have not found it yet, you came to the right page.


Where did all Corbis videos and images go? You’ll be happy to know that most of the significant content from the stock media agency are now available at Getty Images library. You can access Corbis stunning content, expert insights and global services all in one place. Getty is also known as one of the most successful stock media sites in the world. This merge has made it reach the top of the industry. If you are thinking if it is a good idea, it’s not because it is a great thing.

With Corbis videos and images available at Getty’s library, you will have a more complete collection to explore. Whatever theme or style of project you are working on, Getty Images collection have a more comprehensive and diverse content to cater your creative needs. You don’t have to look in other places, because you will surely find what you’re looking for. Aside from the videos and images, you can also access the best of Corbis archives and its media partners’ collection.

What about pricing?


If you are already used to Corbis pricing and plans, you may be worried about how Getty runs its payment processes. But, really, you don’t have to. Getty now offers an easier and faster way for you to purchase and download its content. With Corbis videos and images now part of its library, you can purchase Corbis content the same way as you purchase Getty files. Let us learn more about the stock site’s pricing here:

  • Getty Images offers two types of buying options: a la carte and with Ultrapacks.
  • A la carte allows you to purchase items in singles at their original price, which is $125 each.
  • Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come with a certain number of downloads and discounts. They include different volume sizes and image resolution, so you purchase according to your creative needs. They never expire, too. Just sign in to your Getty account to purchase and download Corbis videos anytime you want.

Getty Images and Corbis have been two of the leading stock media sources in the market. With the two combined, it is a dream for their customers. Imagine finding all premium content in one place – it’s an explosion of creativity. So, to answer your question “where can you get Corbis videos” – you can get them at Getty Images.