Month: February 2018

Choose the Right Stock Photo Source for Your Next Project with SPS

Several stock photo agencies are available in the market today, making it more difficult to choose the best image source for your next creative project. Browsing stock sites one by one can be tedious and time-consuming. You might as well spend your time and energy perfecting your assignment. For your convenience, Stock Photo Secrets have combined a list of recommended stock photo agencies – complete with reviews, pricing and plans.

Stock Photo Secrets is backed by industry expert Amos Struck, who understands the challenge that comes with finding the right image source. It is a good source to learn about the different stock sites and their offerings. You can compare them right inside SPS by reading detailed reviews. You can also find articles on where to find the cheapest stock photos, diverse stock photos and many more in the website.

What else does Stock Photo Secrets offer?

  • Stock photos. SPS is not only a good source of information about stock photo agency. It is also a great source of high quality, royalty-free images. The SPS shop contains over 4 million curated stock imagery that can be downloaded with subscription plans and image packs.
  • Buyer’s guide. Whether you are new to the stock photo industry or not, it never hurts to seek advice to make better decisions when you buy. SPS Buyer’s Guide contain articles that help web designers, graphic designers, and enthusiasts to find the right image source.
  • Free photos. Stock Photo Secrets offers free vectors and illustrations from their very own collection. It also offers information on where to find free photos from your favorite stock sites. If you are looking for legally-safe free images, do check out the website.
  • Are you looking for stock photo special offers and coupons? The most reliable site to get them is SPS. Browse through the website’s “COUPONS” menu, look for your preferred stock site, and get active and valid coupons to save money from buying images in featured agencies.
  • SPS also provides an inside view of the stock photo industry. Both photographers and buyers alike will surely benefit from what’s hot and what’s not inside the industry.
  • Do you want to compare stock sites to find which suits you need and budget best? Visit Stock Photo Secrets and search through the “REVIEWS” page. No need to jump from one stock site to another. Save your time and energy creating an awesome design.
  • Whatever question you have, SPS has the answer. From technical questions to photograph licensing, you can find it all. Glossary of terms is also available in the website, which is perfect for the newbies of the industry. Discover here.

Other offerings of the stock site include interviews with industry experts and tutorials on everything related to stock photos. All in all, Stock Photo Secrets is a one-stop shop for everything stock. Whether you are looking for information about stock agencies or meaning to buy high quality images, you can do it all in one website. Compare stock agencies and buy the cheapest stock photos in the market in just a few clicks with SPS.

What are Photos for Commercial Use?

Photos for commercial use are images used to promote a vast range of products and services around the world. They communicate an aspirational idea or concept, which makes them powerful tools in marketing and advertising here.

Licensing images for commercial use can be tricky. You have to consider issues of privacy, permissions and trademark infringement. You should also acquire model or property releases if recognizable people and private properties are the primary focus of the image. More importantly, you should avoid using images with logos and branding as much as possible. Retouch them out of the photo entirely to avoid trouble down the road, unless you have prior consent to feature the brand.

Not sure where you can use images for commercial use? Here are some examples:

  • Books and book covers
  • Product packaging
  • Corporate presentations and brochures
  • Advertising, marketing and promotional materials
  • Film and television
  • Electronic templates for resale (website templates and greeting e-cards)
  • T-shirts, posters, mugs, calendars, etc.
  • Newspapers and magazines

What is the best source for buying images for commercial use?
Now that you know what stock photos for commercial use are, the next problem is where they can be purchased. There are a number of stock photo websites in the market. However, not all of them offer an Extended License. This means the images in their collection can be used commercially but with certain restrictions. They can only be printed in a number of runs and cannot be used on merchandise for resale.

If want to purchase stock photos for commercial use, you should definitely check out Stock Photo Secrets. The website is not only a good source of information about the industry but also a great place to buy images for commercial use. They recently added Extended License to their offering, which is by far the cheapest deal in the market.

How much are images for commercial use in Stock Photo Secrets?
You can purchase photos for commercial use from SPS on-demand and in packs. The regular price of a single is $80, but members of the stock site can enjoy a 50% discount on all purchases. A single image with an Extended License will only cost $40 for them – an exclusive offer for those with an active subscription.

Buying image packs is another way to further your savings. A 5-image pack only costs $300, which means you can purchase an image for only $60 each. Of course, members get to benefit from the 50% discount so they only have to pay $150 for the pack or $30 per image. A pack of 25 images will get you even bigger savings as you can purchase images for as low as $44 per image, or $22 per image (if you are a member).

All images in packs can be downloaded anytime and can be used forever. You don’t have to worry about expiration dates. Just spend all the spare time and money in your hand to build and enhance your creative project.

What are you waiting for? Visit StockPhotoSecrets now! Don’t forget to subscribe to any of their amazing plans to get a 50% discount on all Extended License purchases.